Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

How do I access the hangouts for channel supporters?

For group hangouts, Matt will post the schedule and the links each month on the ‘hangouts’ page of this website. If you are a $10 or higher monthly supporter on any platform, email Matt at matt@mattchristiansenmedia.com and he will give you the super-secret password to access these hangouts.

If you are a $25 or higher monthly supporter on any platform, please email Matt to arrange your private hangouts. Same address, matt@mattchristiansenmedia.com.


Currently, our on-site monthly support can only be paid with credit card, but monthly support though PayPal can be arranged on PayPal’s website. To sign up for monthly PayPal support, find the links in the off-site support options.

Can I send you something in the mail?

Yes. You can send physical mail to Matt or Blonde at:

Matt Christiansen Media, LLC

P.O. Box 4583

Bozeman, MT 59772

Note: If you’re sending cash, check, or money order for one or both of us, please refer to the off-site support options page to make sure you write your check to the correct recipient.

Also no ricin or anthrax please!

But hoax hate letters are welcome and encouraged. Extra points for ransom-style magazine-clipped messages.

Can I support at a different level than shown?

Yes. We can set any custom amount you desire. Email Matt to arrange, matt@mattchristiansenmedia.com.

what is the charge date for monthly subscriptions?

When you sign up to support monthly through this website, your card is charged immediately and will be charged on that same date each month. Unfortunately it is not possible to set a custom charge date, so if you are looking to have your card charged at a specific time, you will have to sign up for a monthly subscription at that specific point in the month.

If you are looking to see your next charge date, you can log in to your account at the top right of this page and view that information within.

How can I cancel my monthly support?

Sorry to see you go, but if you must, you can access your subscriptions by signing in on the top right of the page. From your account, you can access your monthly support, and cancel at any time.

How can I adjust my monthly support?

If you would like to increase or decrease your monthly support, you’ll have to cancel your existing subscription and re-purchase one at the new level you’d like. Please note: in setting up your new subscription, you will be charged immediately, so you may want to time your subscription change with your subscription renewal schedule. You can view your scheduled charge dates by logging into your account at the top right of the page.

DO you have merchandise for sale?

As of now, we have a merchandise store for the podcast on Spreadshirt with t-shirts, mugs and other items. If there is an item you would like to request in the store, email and Matt can most likely set that up for you - matt@mattchristiansenmedia.com.

How can I participate in the Call-In Show?

Every Wednesday night at 9 PM ET, we take calls on our Discord server live on air. To call in, join the server and put your name in the ‘roll call’ chat and wait in one of the waiting rooms (there is one that is quiet, and one that is voice enabled so you can chat with other listeners). The roll call opens 10 minutes before live time, 8:50 PM ET. We can’t get to everyone each night, but we do take calls until 10:30 PM ET every Wednesday.

If you would like to participate but you can’t do it live, you can send us an email at beautyandthebeta@gmail.com with “Call-In Show question’ in the subject line. We take either text submissions or you can upload a brief video clip unlisted to YouTube, one minute or less, and we will play the audio and respond.

I’ve heard there are ways to meet listeners in my area - how?

Yes. We have created a sign-up form to submit basic contact information, and you can view the responses in this spreadsheet to get in touch with other listeners in your area.

Are traps gay?

Generally, yes.